MP4266M (Slim Booksize PC)

General Specifications

MB Spec.



           VIA C3 / EDEN EBGA Processor (on board)

           Enhanced Ball Grid Array Package (EBGA)

           Internal L1 128KB and L2 64KB cache memory


           VIA CLE266 North Bridge

           VT8235 South Bridge


Integrated UniChrome graphics with MPEG-2 decoder


          VT1616 six channel AC97 Codec

          3 Audio jacks: Line-in, Line-out and Mic-in; switched to 6-channel output during 6-channel operations with Smart 5.1 (See Appendix A)

Main Memory

          1 *DDR266 DIMM socket

          Up to1GB memory size


          2 *UltraDMA 66 / 100 / 133 Connector, interface, 3.5"


VIA VT610310 / 100 Base-T Ethernet PHY 1x RJ45


USB v2.0 / v1.0


IEEE 1394; VIA VT6307S 2-port Firewire

TV-Out (optional)

         VIA VT1622/M (Macrovision) TV-Out Controller

         Supports 640 x 480, 800 x 600, and 1024 x 768 NTSC/PAL TV

Onboard I/O Pin Connectors

         2 *1394 connectors for two 1394 ports

         Front-panel audio connectors (Mic and Line Out)

         CD Audio-in connector

         1 *FIR connector; 1 *PS2 connector


         CPU / System Fan / FAN3

         1 *I2C 1 x 6 pin header

         1 *Connector for LVDS module (Optional)

         Serial port connector for second COM port

I/O Interface

         1 *PS2 mouse port; 1 *PS2 keyboard port

         1 *Parallel port; 1 *RJ-45 LAN port; 1 *Serial port

         2 *USB 2.0 ports; 1 *VGA port

         1 *RCA port (SPDIF or TV out); 1 *S-Video port

         3 *Audio jacks: line-out, line-in and mic-in; can be switched to 6 channel output with Smart 5.1 (See Appendix A)

Front Panel

            1*Power Led  (Green)

            1*Hdd Led  (Red)


AwardBIOS with 2 / 4Mbit flash memory

HDD: 1*2.5"HDD(optional)

Power Supply

Power 60W Adaptor in, Power saving APM1.2

Order Information:

          MP4266M    Standard CLE266 mini-book size bare bone system @

MPD4026      2 x LAN , 4 x com CLE266 Eden Industrial ctrl App

MPCN400     C3/Eden Ghz FAN-less Multi-Industries Application

MT3201MF    Eden Mini Book-Size PC All in 1, 1xLAN, 4xCOM

 Optional Features : MG4 Mpeg-4
W.225mm x H.190mm x D.53mm
N.W.      KGS
G.W.      KGS


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