Product Description:
ProSync-9370 is an all-in-one high performance single board computer for the Celeron & Pentium III, which with VGA-panel, 10/100Mhz Base-Tx Ethernet.

Product Features:
About the System:
ProSync-9370 is using Intel 440BX chipset, it can work on the 66/100Mhz FSB environment with CPU and SDRAM. The socket-370, can plug in the Intel Celeron 533 plus or Intel Pentium III 850 plus hi-performance CPU. Three hi-speed DIMMs can support up to 256MB x 3 = 768MB system memory which support PC-100 SDRAM. On board's 2 IDE connector not only support mode 4 bust also DMA33 architecture, they can let the hard disk's transfer rate up to maximum 33Mhz/Sec.

About the super I/O:
ProSync-9370 use Winbond w83977 chipset. It supports one floppy driver, two serial ports, one parallel port, one keyboard, one PS/2 mouse interface and one IrDA connectors.

About special support:
The onboard Solid State Disk (SSD) interface supports M-system DiskOnChip2000 series, memory size from 2MB to 288MB. It can allow user emulate a hard disk drive when under a hostile environment. On-board's Hardware monitoring is designed to watch the supply power, CPU fan speed and CPU temperature monitoring to increase System's system's reliability. On-board's watchdog timer can generate system reset, NMI or interrupt if the system goes abnormal states when timer be enable. The watchdog timer is designed hardware independent to avoid the system fail.

About the LCD/VGA, LAN:
ProSync-9370 is a highly integration system which combine LCD/VGA, and LAN function on this single.

Product Specification:
-- CPU: Intel Celeron or Pentium III processor, up to 850MHz plus.
-- CPU socket: Intel 370-pin socket.
-- Chipset: Intel 440BX chipset, support 66/100Mhz FSB
-- BIOS: AWARD 256KB Flash Memory
-- System memory: Support three 168-pins DIMM sockets, up to 768MB SDRAM with ECC
-- Enhanced IDE: Up to 4 IDE devices, can support Ultra DMA 33 mode which data transfer rate up to 33MB/Sec.
-- USB: 4x2 head on board, support Dual USB ports. (Option)
-- I/O chipset: Winbond 83977 with fully 16-bit I/O decoded
*FDD interface - Supports up to two floppy disk devices.
*Parallel port - One parallel port, support SSP, EPP and ECP modes
*Serial ports - Two RS-232 ports
*IR interface - Support one IrDAT x R x header
*K/B mouse - 6-pin mini-din connector, support PC/AT keyboard and PS/2 mouse
-- RTC Battery: Lithium Battery or Dallas retention, up to 10 years
-- SSD interface: Support M-Systems DiskOnChip 2000 series up to 288MB
-- Watchdog timer: Software programmable 1 to 127 sec (127 levels) can generate IRQ11, NMI or system reset
-- H/W status monitoring: Winbond W83781D H/W status monitoring IC. It supports Power Voltage, FAN speed and CPU temperature monitoring
-- Bus interface: PCI/ISA bus, PICMG compliant
-- ISA driving capacity: Supports driving capacity up to 64mA
-- LCD/VGA chipset: C&T 69000 VGA controller
*Display memory - Built-in 2MB SDRAM on chip
*Display type - Supports non-interlaced CRT and LCD (TFT, DSTN and MONO) display. It can display both CRT and Flat Panel Simultaneously
*Resolution - Up to 1024x768 @ 64K colors
-- Ethernet interface:
*Chipset - Realtek RTL8139, supports PCI interface
*Type - Fast Ethernet controller, supports 10/100Base-T.
*Connection - RJ-45 connector
*Power supply voltage - +5V, +12V, -12V, -5V
*Operating temperature - 0~60 degree


Driver download:

Bx Chip    : 1
Lan           : 2
Manual     : 3
Scsi          : 4
Vga          : 5
Watchdog: 6
Spec        : 7