Product Features:

1. CPU: Intel Celeron or Pentium III processor, up to 850+ MHz .

2. CPU socket: Intel 370-pin socket.

3. Chipset: Intel 440BX chipset, support 66/100MHz FSB.

4. BIOS: AWARD 256KB Flash Memory.

5. System Memory: Support one 168-pins DIMM sockets, up to 256MB SDRAM with ECC.

6. Enhanced IDE: Supports up to 2 IDE devices & Ultra DMA 33 mode data transfer rate up to 33MB/sec.

7. I/O interface:

   *Chip: Winbond 83977 with fully 16-bit I/O decoded.

   *FDD interface: Support up to two floppy disk devices.

   *Parallel port: One parallel port, support SSP, EPP/ECP modes.

   *Serial ports: Two RS-232 Ports.

   *KB/Mouse: 6 pin mini-DIN connector, support PC/AT keyboard and PS/2 Mouse.

   *Ir interface: Support one IrDA TX/RX header.

8. USB: 5x2 head onborad, support Dual USB ports.(Option).

9. RTC Battery: Lithium Battery or Dallas retention, up to 10 years.

10. SSD interface: Support M-Systems DiskOnChip 2000 series up to 144MB.

11. Watchdog timer: Software programmable 1 to 127 sec (127 levels) can generate IRQ15, NMI or system reset.

12. H/W status monitoring: Winbond W83781D H/W status monitoring IC, supports Power Voltage; FAN speeds and CPU temperature Monitoring.

13. Bus interface: PC/104 connector, PISA bus, (option: ISA Bus)

14. LCD/VGA:

   *Chipset: C&T 69000 VGA Controller.

   *Display Memory: Built-in 2MB SDRAM on chip.

   *Display Type: Supports non-interlaced CRT and LCD (TFT, DSTN, and MONO) displays. Can  display both CRT and Flat Panel  Simultaneously.

   *Resolution: up to 1024 x 768 @ 64K colors.

15. Ethernet interface:

   *Chipset: Realtek RTL8139 support PCI interface.

   *Type: Fast Ethernet controller, support 10/100Base-T.

   *Connection: RJ-45 connector.

16.Power supply voltage: +5V, +12 V

17.Operating temperature: 0-60 C

18.Dimension:185 x 122 mm


*ProSync-9603 Half-Size Intel Celeron/Pentium III Processor PISA Bus with LCD/LAN PISA Bus SBC.

*ProSync-9603I Half-Size Intel Celeron/Pentium III Processor ISA Bus with  LCD/LAN ISA Bus SBC.