*0.05" SECC heavy-duty steel electroplated for chassis
*0.12" aluminum plate for front panel
*Aluminum front panel and handles.
*Lockable front door for security and dust-proof operation.

*Front two 8 cm cooling fans with removable air filter(flow in), one fan at rear and theother fan at rear for power supply (flow out).

*Keyboard connectors available on both front and rear panel.
*7 x 5.25"  & 1x 3.5" open driver bay
*One Power ON/OFF switch and Reset switch at front panel and five LED indicators
*Speacker: 8 Ohm,0.4W 1.5"
SH-2170L space for:
Baby AT M/B, ISA and PCI/ISA 8 slot BP, ISA and PCI/ISA 12,14 slot BP
PS/2 250W ~ 400W PSU 
SH-2170L ATX space for:
PS/2 250W ~ 400W PSU
SH-2170L-20 space for:
ISA 20 slot BP or PCI/ISA 18,19 slot BP
PS/2 250W ~ 400W PSU
SH-2170L XX-R3 space for:
300~400W AT OR ATX Hot-Swap Redundant PSU(Horizontal)        
W.483mm x D.610mm x H.266mm
N.W. 22 KGS
G.W. 24 KGS
CUFT. 5.9