General Specifications

Socket 370 for Intel Celeron or Pentium III processor
Support three 168-pins DIMM sockets, up to 768MB SDRAM with ECC.
HDD: Two IDE interface, 3.5" type
SLOT:4 expansion ISA or PCI SLOT (5 slot BP with one CPU CARD)
FDD: Supports one  3.5"FDD
CD ROM:Supports one slim- size CD-ROM
Color : Available in black and beige. (Colors available for OEM)
Touchscreen: Resistive (optional)
Surface Hardness3H
Optical Clarity
80 %
Operating Temperature
0C ~ 50C
Endurance Test
Over 1 million strikes
Operating Voltage
DC 5 ~ 12 V 
200W ~ 900W
< 1.5%
Faceplate Surface
Anti-glare coating 
Operation Pressure
Storage Temperature
-20C ~ 70C
Message Noise
5 m sec ~ 15 m sec
Operating Current
5mA ~ 25mA
Isolation Resistance
DC25V 20MW


CPU socketIntel socket 370 up to 1GHz

ChipsetIntel 440BX chipset, support 66/100MHz FSB

Enhanced IDEUp to 4 IDE devices, can support Ultra DMA 33 mode which data transfer rate up to 33MB/Sec.

USB42 head on board, support Dual USB ports. (Option)

I/O chipsetWinbond 83977 with fully 16-bit I/O decoded.

FDD interfaceSupport up to two floppy disk devices.

Parallel PortOne parallel port, support SSP, EPP and ECP modes.

Serial portsTwo RS-232 Ports.

IR interfaceSupport one IrDA T/R header.

KB/Mouse6-pin mini-DIN connector, support PC/AT keyboard and PS/2 mouse.

RTC BatteryLithium Battery or Dallas retention, up to 10 years.

SSD interfaceSupport M-Systems DiskOnChip2000 series up to 288MB.

Watchdog timerSoftware programmable 1 to 127 sec (127 levels) can generate IRQ11, NMI or system reset.

H/W status monitoringWinbond W83781D H/W status monitoring IC.  It supports Power Voltage, FAN speed and CPU temperature monitoring.

Bus interfacePCI/ISA bus, PICMG compliant.

ISA driving capacitySupports driving capacity up to 64mA.

LCD/VGA ChipsetC & T 69000 VGA Controller.

Display MemoryBuilt-in 2MB SDRAM on chip.

Display TypeSupports non-interlaced CRT and LCD (TFT, DSTN, and MONO) displays.  Can display both CRT and Flat Panel Simultaneously.

Resolutionup to 1024768

Power Supply

Output rating: 300 W
Input voltage: 110/230 VDC @ 47/63 Hz, (PFC optional)
Output voltage: +3.3V@14A,+5V@25A,+12V @ 8A,-5V@0.5A,-12V@0.5A+5VSB@2A
MTBF: >80,000 hrs at 80% load, 25 C
Safety: UL/CSA/TÜV/CE approved

LCD Display

Operating temperature: 0 - 50 C
Viewing angle: 130 
LCD MTBF: 50,000 hrs.
Backlight lifetime: 50,000 hrs.
Simultaneous mode: Yes
Display type: 1024x768 SVGA TFT LCD
Contrast Ratio: 500:1
Luminance (cd/m2): 250 nit (500/800/1000 nit optional)
Pixel pitch: 0.297 x 0.297 (mm)
Max. colors: 16.7M

Environmental Specifications

Operating temperature: 0 ~ 50 C (32 ~ 113 F)
Front Panel protection: IP 65 at front panel
W.420mm x H.285mm x D.161.3mm(D.132mm without front panel)
N.W.  8.5 KGS
G.W.  10 KGS
CUFT. 2.7


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