SH-6580 Series



  *Heavy-duty steel electroplated for chassis
  *Only 1U 4 IN 1 Drawer(KVM switch, KB, LCD, MOUSE)
*105 key ALPS mechanical key switches English Keyboard, compatible to IBM PC/AT, PS/2 keyboard, supports Windows function keys (German, French, Chinese, Japanese....optional)
-15"TFT LCD Panel
-Panel Resolution 1024x768
-Input Signal Resolution:
 1600x1200/ 1280x1024/ 1024x768/ 800x600/ 640x480....
 (1152x900 for Sun-micro system optional)
-Contrast ratio: 500:1
-Brightness: 300cd/m2
-Display colors: 16.7M
-Built-in 8 languages OSD controls
-Backlight lifetime: 50,000 hrs.
-Automatic flat panel shut-off when monitor is in the closed position, or no signal input.
-power management::VESA-DPMS 30W Max; Power Down Mode: less than 3W
*Logitech® Touchpad (Microsoft mouse compatible with PS/2 mouse interface)
& Wireless Mouse Option
  PS/2 KVM switch

 -Supported OS DOS,Win NT/9x/2000/Me/XP,Linux,Unix,Novell,Free BSD.
 -Up to 8,16 Keyboard/VGA/Mouse inputs (8,16 PCs)
 -Cascade control Max. up to 4096 PCS
 -PC port keep alive capability, KVM powering down all PCs still keep active.
 -Intelligent keyboard and mouse simulation, all PCs can booting in the same time.
 -PS/2 and Serial Mouse Emulation Provided for System Bootup
 -No software Required-Computer selection Via Pushbuttons, Hot keys,& or OSD( On Screen Display)
 -Quick View scan mode for monitoring selected computers
 -Hot Pluggable-add or remove computer for maintenance without powering down the switch .
 -Support Microsoft IntelliMouse (Pro), Optical Mouse, Logitech Mouse Man, Wheel Mouse, Scroll Point..
 -Security lock function. (OSD)
 -Built-in 3 languages OSD controls. (Germany, French, English)
 -Auto Scan interval 5~255 sec.
 -Supports VGA resolution up to 1920 x 1440 VESA DDC1/2B compatible

 -Up to 8/16 Keyboard/VGA/Mouse inputs (8/16PCS)
 -Cascade control up to 128 PCS
 -No software Required-Computer selection Via Hot keys, or OSD( On Screen Display)
 -Quick View scan mode for monitoring selected computers
 -Hot Pluggable-add or remove computer for maintenance without powering down the switch .
 -Auto Scan interval 3~60 sec.
 -Support eight characters password protection and search PC server name.
 -Built-in one extra daisy chain port and no waste any PC port.
 -Support one CAT5 remote console up to 500 feet away from KVM switch.(208A/216A only)
  Power Management
Power Supply:
*System power:12V DC input /2A ( Includes universal 100~240V AC input,12V DC output power adapter)
*(24V/-48V DC input adapter optional)
*UL-2919 rated 3-in-1 cables set with VGA, keyboard (PS/2), Mouse (PS/2) 1.8M 8/16 set(3M,6M Optional).
*Available in black. (Colors available for OEM)   
*USB     -> PS/2 adapter (Used for SUN micro/Mac/Pc)
*RS-232 -> PS/2 adapter (Used for searial mouse port on system)
  Environmental Condition:
Operation Temp.: 0~50 degree C
Storage Temp.: -20~60 degree C
Humidity: 10~90%


  *Only 1U 3 IN 1 Drawer (KB, LCD, MOUSE) (Same as SH-6580-4 without KVM Switch)
  W.482mm x L.508mm x H.44mm 
  N.W.  12   KGS
  G.W.   16  KGS
  CUFT. 2.72
Ordering Information:
Model Computer port type Panel Resolution KVM switch Cable
SH-6580-3-15-XX-C PS/2 15" TFT LCD


1024 x768

Input signal:
1600 x1200
1280 x1024
1024 x768
800 x600
640 x480
NO CB-K15P-xxx
SH-6580-4(108LD)-15-XX-C 8-port PS/2 CB-KPS2-xxx
SH-6580-4(108A)-15-XX-C 8-port PS/2 CB-K15P-xxx
SH-6580-4(116A)-15-XX-C 16-port PS/2 CB-K15P-xxx
SH-6580-4(208A)-15-XX-C 2 console
-port PS/2
Cat 5 &
SH-6580-4(216A)-15-XX-C 2 console
16-port PS/2
Cat 5 &
XX=US,GR,FR,CH,JP....(Keyboard languages)
C  =B (Black Color)
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