Product Features:
Rugged portable enclosure with 4 full length expansion slots. One 3.5" HDD, one 3.5" FDD and one slim 5.25" drive bays. 14.1" TFT LCD monitor. Two case stands to increase viewing angle. Three cooling fans creating a positive pressure air circulation. 105-Key keyboard with built-in touch pad.

Product Specification:
*Mainboard: Micro ATX
*Support Four full length slots.
*14.1" TFT LCD. (XGA 1024x768)
*Black or Ivory color available.
*Three cooling fans (2 x 8cm fans, 1 x power fan).
*Built-in case stands.
*Two 3.5" and one slim 5.25" drive bay.
*250W ATX switching power supply.(300W and PFC optional)
*Dimension: 15.9" (W) x 10.4" (H), 7.8" (D).
*SKD Weight: 12.5 lbs.
*Customized welcome


*Built-in stereo speakers.
*Touch screen.
*Built-in analog conversion board.
*Bracket for 9 expansion slots.
*300W~350w power supply (PFC)
*Slim size CD-ROM.
*MATX mainboard.