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Wingtop Co., Ltd

Wingtop was born from predecessor "Jacqueminot" which was found on 1960.

We are a more than 40 years manufacturer in Taiwan, based on rich experience in the fields of electronics devices and industrial computers field.

Wingtop had been the subcontractor supplier of Taiwan Tatung Co. The environment that surrounds electrical facility engineering is changing greatly. Since 1980, Wingtop began to offer the SPS and 8086’mechanical item for the earlier computer field. For facilities used in industrial environment and equipment concerned with control, distribution, and auto-related industry, Wingtop is dedicating to "Panel PC & KVM console solution" from 1995. Wingtop panel PC’s features are – critically choosing the Panel supplier quality guaranteed our shipping items excellently, offering the valued SPS to meet various power application. Wingtop does not only offer AC power input, but also DC converting application which meet the telecommunication and automobile industry. In 2003 new network product line set up completely, Wingtop beginning to offer wireless LAN component and attending to special outdoor communication industrial application till now. 

Wingtop is contributing to "attainment of high quality and high performance", "energy saving and user-friendly", and so on. Using our wide and comprehensive view through the fusion of electronics, powertronics, and mechatronics technologies to use on developing and offering techniques, products, and systems, which take the global environment for both people and goods into account. Our contribution will be helpful for the construction of social infrastructures toward the coming new age.

Wingtop sincerely want to be helpful to the people and the society with the use of our exact offering power and high solution capability. We want to be powerful enough to empower the new days more, and still more.