*Aluminum slides and  handles for SH-8150A.  *Plastic slides and handes for SH-8150B.
*Lockable front door for security and dust-proof operation.

*Front cooling fan with removable air filter(flow in), another fan at rear for power supply (flow out).

*Keyboard connectors available on both front and rear panel.
*The height-adjustable hold-down clamp protects plug-in cards from vibration.
*Exchange 8+4 and 14 slot rear panel for AT/BP model.(12 slot rear panel is optional)
*ATX rear panel for ATX model.


1.2 mm SECC heavy-duty steel electroplated for chassis.
2 mm  SECC heavy-duty steel electroplated for front panel.
For 3 x 5.25"FDD & 1 x 3.5"FDD & 1 x 3.5"HDD.
1x12cm cooling fan.
Speaker: 8 Ohm,0.4W 1.5".
W.483mm x D.450mm x H.177mm
N.W. 13 KGS
G.W. 15 KGS
CUFT. 3.3
Optional Power Supply
SH-PS2: 250W ~ 600W AT/ATX  AC/DC input
SH-PSR1:  250~400W Hot-Swap Redundant Power Supply

Order information

SH-8150A-AT SH-8150B-AT
SH-8150A-AT-R1 SH-8150B-AT-R1
SH-8150A-AT-R1/50 SH-8150B-AT-R1/50
SH-8150A-ATX SH-8150B-ATX
SH-8150A-ATX-R1 SH-8150B-ATX-R1
SH-8150A-ATX-R1/50 SH-8150B-ATX-R1/50